As a supplier of home appliances and lifeware, Zelmond supports Decent Life.
How our Friendship began
Since 1970, Mohsen Zadeh Family have delivered quality lifeware products and services to embrace the flow of life.
Backed by 50 years of experience in delivering quality lifeware, and commitment to embrace their hard-earned credit, they asked us to create Zelmond as their new brand, representing their passion and commitment for Improving the Quality of Life.
Target Audience Analysis
Parallel to our client's knowledge and experience, we explored market opportunities to achieve deeper insights about our prospects.
The tagline represents both emotional and functional aspects of the brand identity.
Visual Identity
A casual and friendly, yet sharp and modern graphic style represents brand identity.
Copywriting and Brand Tone
Digital Touchpoints
We developed a seamless digital experience for Zelmond services and contents through their website.
Zelmond; Filled with Life
Zelmond believes in democratizing the access to quality through lifeware, so that people can spend their time enjoying themselves and others.
We support their idea by our hearts and thoughts.
Project Components
Satisfied Client :)