A bit of Sun
Potancell manufactures everyday-use AA and AAA batteries.
The Challenge
We started by the question: "How can we encourage the users to keep a battery, even after its life-time?!". So we might be able to have more time to recollect and recycle them and prevent them to be thrown away (because you know, there is no away).
The concept of the brand style (and the Tagline)
As the source of all energies on the Earth is our beloved sun, we made it our hero to design around. There is a little bit of Sun in each battery (literally and ironically :), so we chose it as our concept and also our tagline for the brand.
Visual Identity and Package Design
Sun, energy and power, alongside a sense of a jewelry, shape the foundations of Potancell visual style.
Color Theme
The color palette is a nod to the intuitive sense of energy and its source, the Sun.
Project Components
Satisfied Client :)