We Design Changes. 
We Are Designers, Identity and Brand Developers, Strategists, Writers, Curiously Offbeat,
Creative, Collaborative, Not Jerks, ...

When we were kids, none of us said:
"I want to be an Identity Designer and Brand Developer when I grow up"!
We explored and crafted our way up to this point by synthesizing so many different parts of insights and expertise which we learned hard way through our journey through the Design world.
Tajrobeh* Design Studio is a team specializing in Business Development through Design.

* "Tajrobeh" means "Experience" in Farsi.

Inspired by an inner obsession for understanding people, life, culture and technology, Tajrobeh innovates businesses, brands, products and communications with passion and spirit to farm ideas, oppose mainstream and to Awe. We disrupt the status quo and accelerate impact. We light brand conversations on fire and inspire actions that drive positive changes.

Every person, group of people or company should be experienced by the world in its own Unique Being (Brand Identity) and its own Unique Way (Brand Style).
We help you to be experienced by the world. We help the world to experience you.
Why do we Design?

For us "Design" is an experience of adding value and meaning to life through creating and improving services, products, environments and systems. A process that harmonizes experiences with physiological, psychological and cultural aspects of human beings.
Our success metrics is the net positive contribution to human life.

How do we Design?

We operate on the cutting edge of what's happening now. We experiment. We take detours. We hate comfort zones. Here is our overall process:

1. Research with hunger:

We immerse ourselves in the subject, context and culture. We listen with our brains and hearts. We detect what's beneath the surface and between the lines. We dig deep. We hunt and analyze social, cultural and economic factors to identify powerful trends and draw meaningful insights. We audit existing brand experiences, evaluate consumer perception, and uncover opportunities to drive growth, distinction, and value. We question everything.

2. Exploring possible and impossible opportunities and solutions:

We locate paths and create a new stories worth telling. We solve problems. We revise, reinvent and innovate to create an integrated organic soul and body for your brand.

3. Designing the Brand Exposure and Brand Experience:

We handcraft each touch point so that each encounter inspires people to take action. By building a cohesive visual and sensory identity and experience -the packaging around your story- we create the emotional reasons! that allow people to walk in and want to stay.

4. Building the synergy:

We build capacity around your brand, inside and out by empowering other voices and rallying loyal brand ambassadors to serve as the front lines for your cause. We start movements, not trends. We design insightful campaigns to connect people, places and things to build your army. We get people to care; To believe; To show up; To participate; To take action and charge your brand with their passion.

5.  We'll be there for you:

We know it's hard to see the end from the beginning when you're going where no one else has gone, that's why we design for long term and stand right next to you in the rabbit holes. We're in it for the long run. And of course our clients are always a part of our design team.

Who are our audiences:

Those people who dare to push, advocate and create for a better world:

and Leaders
& Dreamers

Our values:

Our core values form the DNA of our team and shape everything we design and do. We're sponsors of change. Advocates of culture. We believe in making an impact.

1- Meaning

Do we add meaning to something?

2- Value

Do we create some real value?

3- Passion

Is it genuine? Do we enjoy it? Does it move us? Inspire us?

4- Insight

Is our vision based on knowledge, research and experience?

5- Design

It's not just about how something looks, but also how it feels and works.
Attention to detail is everything.

6- People

Is what we're designing humane?
Inspiring and helping people to have a better life are our biggest missions.

7- Quality

We love our work. If it's not of the highest qualities, it won't leave our studio. To achieve excellence, we challenge ourselves and make the uncomfortable comfortable.

8- Genuine Business Concept

We like honest work, not work that asks us to manipulate the target audience with bullshit. We tend to design for real values proposed by businesses, not fake ones.

Why "Genuine Encounter" ?
Tajrobeh is not just about styling and forming. Making beautiful is not enough. Design should have a soul. It should go far beyond appearances. Tajrobeh aims to have a genuine encounter with design problems and projects. Understanding the fundamental reasons and insights of every design is the base platform for achieving a great result in Tajrobeh.

Our Ground Rules:

1- Good design
is for good clients.

We expect a genuine encounter with our clients. We expect them help us focus on our design mission, not financial concerns.

2- Value-based

It's always a fixed fee agreed upon up front. Never any surprises. We don't bill you for every little move.

3- You'll deal directly
with us.

We never outsource projects to an offshore team. Everything we do is handcrafted, tailored and refined by us, in house.

4- We are a
Socially-conscious company.

We don't work with tobacco, adult or multi-level marketing companies. We work on projects and companies we believe in.

Above all else, we love what we do. We live this. We share values.
We have principles. We lead our clients to brave decisions.
... and we love mother Earth.  
Think we're compatible?

Live with us ...