Join the World to #fightcorona
Tajrobeh Design Studio joins all people around the world to fight against New Coronavirus (COVID-19).
The biggest challenge and the most global and common experience of human kind of all times.
We are all together in this...
As the world braces for getting hit by Corona even more, we should all take responsibility for our daily routines and actions.
Content Design
To do our part in this fight, we designed easy-to-understand contents, communicating recommended actions by WHO and other top experts from around the world.
Poster Graphics
Download these contents as printable posters (50 x 70 Cm Vertical).
All these designs are free to download, share and print:

Desktop Backgrounds
Download these contents as Desktop Backgrounds (16:9 Horizontal):

Feel free to use, share and print these design.
2nd Series
We also designed a series of typographical artworks to highlight some of the most important issues.
Spread the word
These posters are free to share, print and use, if only NOT changed and modified.
Join the global fight against COVID-19 by sharing and spreading the word.

It's on all of us...
Thousands of medical workers around the globe are working tirelessly to ease the pain of the infected people. These brave frontiers deserve your support. Help them in any way you can and to the best of your abilities.
Project Components
World as our Client