[ Humanized Service Interface ]
Niku Designs Solutions and Tools for Service Management and Touch-Points. 
Defining the Project
As a Service Touch-Point producer, Niku asked us to redesign their brand to create and communicate a more humanized brand image.
For Niku, Everyone is VIP!
In the first phase of the project we summarized Niku's approach and values in this slogan. We redesigned the whole organization and its services around the new concept in order to push them think about "user" not "users".
Developing Brand Presentations
Through a series of posters, we communicated different aspects of the brand approaches and proposed values.
Logo and Logotype
A blink and a smile gives the logo a warm and friendly human sense.
We developed proper slogans and descriptive texts for each and every brand identity components and brand products.
We continue working with Niku as a partner ... 
  TAJROBEH sees sharply, analyses deeply, expresses simply, thinks beautifully, designs creatively, implements and delivers obsessively, supports responsibly, consults consistently, and stays a friend forever. A friend that cares about how your identity is experienced. I deeply believe that Tajrobeh studio helps the brand to create a clear conversation with itself and with others.  
Morteza Etesami
Founder and C.E.O. of Niku

: "Niku's persistence and constant advancement was an inspiration for us. We enjoyed accompanying them in their path to create a strong brand."

Project Components
Satisfied Client :)