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How we think about people's experiences of encountering with public seats & spaces ...
Despite all the global changes and trends that are reshaping our lifestyle, some things don't change that much. Like sitting and resting as a human. We all may enjoy a few moment of stopping and sitting in a public space in our civic environment.
How we, as designers, approach enriching that moment for our citizens?
Sometimes it doesn't take much
Some small changes and modifications in our environment and its elements can result to significant visual experiences and feelings.
As simple as possible, but not simpler
you don't always need a huge difference to create a decent experience. Most of the times, people feel respected by experiencing just a simple gesture of kindness.
Playing is the opposite of boredom
With a little bit of playfulness, we can create more positive and energetic vibe for our cities.
Challenging the preconceptions about materials
Through unexpected use of materials and forms, you can dare citizens to be bold. 
In contrast with the city
Using organic forms can connect people to mother Earth, although for a brief moment.
Nature-Friendly Citizens
Give people a small anchor to natural elements, helping them to remember what is like to be in the nature.
Symbols and Roots
Sometimes we can use ancient and mystic forms and concepts to deepen the contextual experiences of the citizens.
Our City is Our Home
Some forms that are generally used in indoor spaces can add a more casual and friendly vibe to outdoor public spaces.
Support Simple Productions
Not all cities are mega-cities with big production capabilities and investments. But even in small cities, a small blacksmithing workshop might have enough abilities and equipments to build something decent and beautiful.
Project Components
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