Johnny Quid Couture
How should a dress be crafted to suit a successful person?!
And how should the brand be crafted?
Core Concept 
As a producer of high-quality clothing and personal accessories, JQC asked us to develop their identity and exposure, based on their design approach; Premium High-End clothes with Hand-Crafted production.
Positioning and Targeting
We positioned the brand to communicate and resonate with the targeted audience. The general characteristics related to success were the foundation of the brand DNA.
Brand Story and Presentation Approach
We developed the brand vision and style through common characteristics of "High-End fashion" and "Success in life".
The tagline refers to precisely and passionately crafted style of both the "Products (as fashion)" and "Persona (as a successful person)".
ADs and Brand Presentations
The advertising campaign communicates the Brand Story and Presentation Approach: Common characteristics of "Success in life" and "High-End fashion".
Digital Experience
We developed and designed the website in alignment with Visual Identity, User Functional and Emotional Experience, and Brand DNA.
Production Management
JQC asked us to design and manage the production of hand-crafted parts to create a premium value for its products.
In collaboration with Jeweler Craftsmen, we managed the production process of silver buttons and studs to create a unique and high-value product quality and experience.
Accessory Design 
We also designed a JQC buckle that contains 110 Gr of silver, installed on a leather belt.
Packaging Design
The package has a long-lasting approach to guard the clothes and accessories.
Visual Identity & Style
The logotype and graphics represent the Brand DNA: Being firm, strong and precisely-crafted.
Crafted Path
JQC continues crafting more successful styles for like-minded people;
And we continue being there for them...
Project Components
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