Khaneyeh Sandali (House of Chairs)
Established in 2017, Khaneyeh Sandali today is an online portal for searching, reviewing, selecting and buying chairs and chair suppliers in Iran.
Defining the Design Challenge
We analyzed the customers' selecting and shopping behavior and extracted two main criteria and insights:
- Being able to compare more options easily and fast;
- Being assured to select the best (based on their functional, aesthetic and financial attributes).
Basic Mood
The emotional mood of the digital experience was developed prior to functional attributes. We designed the entry point as an emotional first impression of the brand and then added functional tools and accesses. 
Service Design and Information Architecture
To design the basic structure of user experience and user interface, we mapped all the users' needs alongside suppliers' requirements and business tools to create a comprehensive service infrastructure.
Information Design
Each chair is presented with comprehensive information to give the potential users an insight about the functional, emotional and stylistic attributes of the chair; helping them to have peace-of-mind about their choices through online selection and shopping.
Interface Design and Development
We translated all parts of the experiences to easy-to-use and intuitive interfaces.
  TAJROBEH team refined and developed our business path and organizational culture in a creative manner, not just as designer of this project, but as a passionate and wholehearted companion and partner. After a while, we asked their professional comment and review about almost every decision we were going to make. We couldn't get this close to our results and achievements without this capable team.
We thank TAJROBEH. 

M.R. Tavoli
Founder and C.E.O. of Khaneyeh Sandali

: "We really love it when our client is proud of something we did and designed. We love how Khaneyeh Sandali makes people's living spaces more beautiful. We wish them the best."

Project Components
Satisfied Client :)