Childhood-Friendly Cities
"Dyarino"* - as a national project through Iran- is a collective effort to make changes and develop peoples' mind-set toward supporting childhood and children's lives. An effort to create and refine civic life which children are considered as first class citizens.
* A combination of words that means "A new land" in Farsi.
Project Core Concept:
Children as Citizens

Hamnava, an institute who delivers parenting and childhood development programs, asked us to define the identity and brand experience for the Child-Friendly Cities of Iran. A national project that aims to create a better living and thriving experience for children and ultimately for all the people.
Design Insights
We immersed ourselves in the context of the target city (Zarand in Kerman province, as the pilot of this project) to get an insight about civic life of children and their parents, teachers and people.
We changed the concept from "Child-Friendly City" to "Childhood-Friendly City" to engage all the citizens.
To create a better communication & emotional touch-point for the people, we chose "Dyarino" (which means "A new land" in Farsi) as the name for this project.
Logo & Type Combination
The logo creates a playful sense for the city. Where Playing, Dream and City come together.
Visual Identity & Style
Brand Experience and Launching Campaign
To touch people and launch the brand, we aligned all communication programs with brand target audiences.
Pre-Launching Invitation
We asked people of Zarand to invite other citizens to the events, designed for Child Week.
Introduction Ads
Campaign Components
We asked children about how they feel and think about a cool city. We presented their opinion to empower the idea that their ideas about their cities are important, as they are first-class citizen.
We developed brand literature to communicate all aspects of the project clearly and creatively.
Concept Development and Brand Exposure
Through illustrative advertising, we communicated the idea and mood of a childhood-friendly city.
Event Design
To engage the people more directly and help them to touch the concept of a childhood-friendly city, we defined and designed multiple events, such as "Coloring the Streets of the City".
Digital Design
All the contents and services are presented through the website to create an integrated brand experience.
Brand Guidelines
To help the Dyarino team to expand their project in other cities, we documented all of the Identity Development Guidelines to ensure the consistency of the identity through all cities.
Touching a city
More than 2000 people were touched directly through events, designed for brand launching.
Supporting our inner-child
As Dyarino thrives through interacting with citizens, so does our lives and inner-child.
Support them in their great mission ...
Project Components
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