Inspired by you ...
Designing high quality and luxury suits, Inzeto was established in 2013.
The brand aims to design and produce limited editions and solo items of elegant suits and wears.
The Core Concept
Inzeto aims to create opportunities for men to speak of their true "self" and present their authentic character.

We developed the story around the concept "A man who is inspired by love, creates a unique communication, with a unique person, via a unique style".

Brand Persona
We targeted a bold and expressive segment of the potential users to have strong and daring brand ambassadors.
Naming and Tagline
The name (Inzeto stands for "This is inspired by you") and tagline are inspired by the main goal of the brand:
Being inspired by the lovely characteristics of someone else. Someone we care about. Someone we root for.
Visual Identity & Style
The way to go
Inzeto continues making bold decisions and taking courageous steps ...
  My dear friends at TAJROBEH helped Inzeto to be born and thrive. They helped to shape its identity. Everybody who encountered with my brand design and style, adored it. They got it totally right. 
Neda Sadeghi
Founder and Lead Designer

: "We enjoyed designing for Inzeto. A unique brand with a unique taste that made us choose a unique approach to design. We wish you the best. Keep doing great."
Project Components
Satisfied Client :)