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It's amazing to see how so many businesses try to impress people by technical and logical presentations and statements. Unbelievable superficial ideas that don't resonate with deep inner insights of people's lives.

How many of these typical Ads inspire and impress you genuinely, so that they stick in your mind? How many of them you loved and adored? How many could become a part of your life?

Your number is probably somewhere around zero!

It's easy to misunderstand "Fame" for "Love"; "Attention" for "Relation". And unfortunately so many companies spend their resources on becoming "Famous", not "Lovable".

Advertising programs and campaigns are not isolated projects. You can't separate them from the rest of your business ecology. Your advertising efforts should first communicate your "Brand Story", your core visions and values.

Today people buy stories and experiences, not just products. They don't need you tell them "How good you are"; They want to hear genuine stories. Life stories that inspire and impress them to live in a better and more humane way.

Every expression matters.

Your advertising should be a part of a bigger program called "Integrated Brand Experience Design". A program that creates a relation between you and your audiences with a long term approach and deep human sympathy and empathy. Before any advertising campaign, first you should define your "Core Message". And this is beyond strategy. Your target audiences should be able to know "Where you stand" and "What you stand for". "What your values are" and "What impacts you will have on their lives".

Be sharp about how to invest and spend on advertising and communication programs. Don't spend your money just on visual presentations and logical (and boring) statements. Invest on "Being Genuine" and "Adding meaning to people's lives" to create high quality relationships.

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