Digital Experience Design
Digital tools, made easy to implement and easy to use can become a trap! You prepare a combination of services and contents, and IT people make a website or application for that. And then BOOM, you have an online service. Easy! And then you advertise about your SIMPLE and competitive service. Easy, Again!

BUT, there are a few points here:

- First of all, the service itself should be designed (by designers, not engineers), based on usage scenarios and users' needs, regardless of technological feasibility and digital capabilities. Service Design needs a deep understanding of human-oriented processes and human cognitive abilities;

- secondly, relying on Digital Experience, without considering its impact on your overall business ecology, will lead your brand to become soulless and mechanical. The users should be able to have a human touch with you, whenever they encounter a Pain Point or Love Point. You should have a humane sense, using digital tools, not being just a robot (Imagine how much we laughed when we saw a TV commercial, showing robots as Your Banking Assistant!).

- And the third,

People buy experience, not technology.

Think about the "real values" that you are offering to your users. What are you really delivering to them? What does your service do for their life routines? What kind of experience are you giving them?
Does your Digital Experience empower your Brand Image?

Don't look at your digital tools and services, digitally. Technology with creative, human-centered and engaging design can create a more meaningful interaction between people and your brand.

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