Copywriting and Creative Brand Tone
We expect a certain kind of tone and literature for each kind of character. You should develop your Brand Tone based on your Brand Identity and Brand Style. To get a unique emotional position and presence in the audiences' minds, the brand should be able to communicate with them as an organic and lively character.

Not every "Beautiful" and "smart" slogan is suitable for any kind of brand (if any!).

The brand dialogues should be "clear" and "believable". Exaggerated and Smart-Wise dialogues that try to outsmart people will be ignored, if not objected (we're tired of these stupid "smart slogans"!). Designing clear, meaningful and honest copies that resonate with deep human emotions and insights, can imply a humane and lively brand character.

When you define and design your content, communications and advertising, you have to consider all defining parts of your brand identity, such as Brand Story, Brand Promise, Brand DNA & ... . You can use these branded contents and copies in various touch points, proportionate to the media type.

Listen to white spaces ...
Every text, implies a sub-text. Every choice you make, tells something about you. Some in-depth insights that is represented by something on the surface. For example when you want to introduce a Video Sharing Website, the slogan "See More ..." has a different sub-text than "Insightful Visions ...". The former one is simply talking about a functional feature, as the latter slogan implies on getting insight about what we watch. It shows the mind-set of the brand owners, and what type of people they might be.

Ask your design team to define brand communication strategies and then, create and develop "clear" and "suitable" copies -with in-depth and meaningful sub-text- for your brand, with your identity in mind.

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