Experience Design
(Service Design - Brand Experience)
Service Economy is now the bigger part of the global market, compared to tangible products. As the users of these service-oriented businesses and system are human beings, Design plays a critical role in defining and shaping humane interactions and desirable experiences for these services.

There are so many services that are being created and delivered, not based on users' needs and comfort, but based on capabilities of the service provider. The provider, gives users what "he thinks" is good for them, or simply "what he can". They simply deliver what they have, how they can. And that is NOT ENOUGH. The point is that most of the times, what users need and desire are different than what we imagine they need and desire. That's why

we need to design the architecture of services and the structure of delivery process, with a precise scenario at each and every touch point, considering functions, feelings, emotions and overall experience, through user journey map.

A process that delivers a Human-Centered service (not Technology-Centered) to satisfy a clear need.

Beyond that, Designers can go even further and create unique, personal and dynamic experiences that go over basic functions of services, and improve the quality and intensity of the users' interactions with the brand. These experiences will give people more reason to use services more regularly and stay loyal to the brand.

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