Thinking, feeling and emoting exercises
for nurturing the intuition.
1 Session (6 hours) practical & physical workshop to develop your living senses.

Designed and Presented By M. Aref - Design Director at Tajrobeh Design Studio

Converting "Knowledge" to "Insights" is possible through real and genuine learning experiences. There are so many learning resources for designers, outside the Design world.

In this workshop, you can develop your senses and your mind, through physical and mental exercises. This program helps you to create a better communication with your senses, your surroundings and other human beings around you.

These exercises are inspired by Dramatic Arts and training programs of theatre schools.

Who is this workshop for?
& Artists
& Managers
Design lovers,
Geeks and Nerd

You'll learn to use your body, senses and mind to explore new corners and allies of life to tackle design & other creative challenges.

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