Design Insights for Managers & Leaders
4 Sessions to get a vision about Design ...

Presented By M. Aref - Design Director at Tajrobeh Design Studio

Throughout last several years of dealing with different design projects and clients, we encountered numerous challenges for communicating with our clients. There were always some hard-to-answer questions such as:
How much freedom should be granted to design team? How should the quality of the end results be evaluated? Where is the red-line for "Managerial Influence"? What's the real impact of delivered designs and end results on the business?

It's difficult to find a common playground with clients, unless there is mutual understanding about the most fundamental functions and impacts of Design. The managers and leader of businesses and brands should have a clear mind and expectations about the design processes, design outcomes and design impacts, so that they'll be able to install design on their businesses effectively and create a reasonable balance between its costs and benefits.

This 4 sessions course is the fruit and essence of our learnt insights and experiences through various design challenges with different sorts of clients.

Who is this course for?
and Leaders
& Dreamers
DNA of Design
- What is Design? Why Design?
- What is Design Thinking & Intuition?
- How designers think and live?
- Creative Thinking in design.
- Why invest on design?
- Economic impacts of design.
Design Playgrounds
- What are design fields?
- The Experience of Design; Experience Design
- What is attraction?
- The relation among Attraction, Beauty and Design
- How Attraction can be created in a business?
- Taste Vs. Style. What's their function?
Design Management
- How to choose a design team (or a designer)?
- Outsourcing or domestic team?
- How to ask and receive design from designers?
- Taste Vs. Design
- The relation between design dept. and other departments (e.g. Marketing, Ads & Pr, Management)
Business Design
- The role of design in Business Development
- The relation between Design & Advertising
- The relation between Design & Identity
- The relation between Design & Business Canvas
- Integrated Design


The goal of this course is to give managers and leaders the power to understand design intuition and style, and create a clear communication with their design teams. And of course using design outcomes to empower their businesses.

Making business decisions with a design-in-mind approach gives your work more organic, alive and humane attributes, so that you'll be able to establish a deeper and more human-centered relation with your audiences.

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