RAAZ School
[ Creating Co-Leaders ]
RAAZ School is a part of RAAZ Foundation; The CSR mission of the RISECO Holding.
Design Challenge
RAAZ Foundation, as the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of RISECO Holding was established in 2017 to work and invest in three domains: Educating children, Women's health, and preserving Mother Earth.
They tasked TAJROBEH with the designing an identity for both the foundation and the school that resonates emotionally with children, parents and even official social organizations.
Design Concept
The foundation of the identity and experience design for students was to redefine the school as a Meta-School. A place that students go beyond their routine classes and learn to live a multi-dimensional life. And of course they are themselves the main leading power behind these Meta-Programs.
Visual Identity and Graphics
"Creating Co-Leaders"
The tagline is based on the RAAZ brand value, as it encourages and empowers every member of the school and foundation to participate in building the next step.
Developing Copywriting and Brand Tone
Customized Typeface
We designed and developed this typeface to give the school a fresh and playful visual.
We count on them ...
to build a better world for everyone...
Project Components
Satisfied Client :)
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