Didestan creates and delivers smart platforms for Iranian (or anyone who speaks Farsi) to access and share video contents, easily and conveniently.
The project scope
As video contents continue to be dominant in digital space and more service and content providers emerge, our client asked us to design a brand that offers more value than just video content.
Defining the brand strategy & identity
We tried to create a conversational and social space with a professional approach. A space that creators, collaborators and curators of video contents can share their ideas and insights so that people are motivated to have a conversation about them and in doing so, stretch their own vision and insight about life.
Naming & Tagline
"Did" means "Sight / Vision" in Farsi and "estan" is a suffix that means "Land / Place".
Both the name and tagline imply the core message of the brand: "Have insight".
Foundation of Visual Identity
We chose a playful approach to use PLAY and RECORD icon to develop the visual system.
A family of logotypes.
Logotype Structure and Integrity
Visual Identity & Style
Visual Identity Expansion
User-Friendly Taste & Style!
Visual Identity & Digital Touch Points
Visual Identity & Interface
Ads and Presentations
The launching campaign sends a message about "having different points of view" and looking through other people's eyes and minds. Stretching and expanding our world by looking through different perspectives, to get an Insightful Vision.
Brand Guidelines
The in-house design team continues developing the brand, based on the fundamental brand structure and characteristics, presented in their Brand Bible.
Didestan continues growing to become a leading video platform in Iran ...
  In the beginning, we thought that you are specialists. After that, we found that you are creative and brilliant. And now, after two years of collaboration, we discovered that being specialists and creative is not the main reason for your success; but being responsible and having a dynamic and supportive relationship is your strong suit.
I hope that you keep doing great and become more successful everyday.  

R. Najafi   |   Didestan Project Director
: "We are so delighted that Didestan team, open-mindedly focused on the quality, not just the quantity of the contents. We wish them the best through their mission to create "Insightful Visions".
Project Components
Satisfied Client :)