A Campaign for Helping with the Stroke
A project about "How to diagnose a Stroke and what to do then?"
The Challenge
There is "FAST" abbreviation for diagnosing a stroke:
F for Face,
A for Arm,
S for Speaking, and
T for Time.
If there is a disorder in Face, Arm or Speaking, it might be a sign of a Stroke, so it's Time to call for emergency.
In the first stage, our client asked us to create a Farsi equivalent for FAST to be used in Farsi Language.
Brand Mantra
We chose "Qasedaq" which means dandelion in Farsi.
(Literal translation is "A Small Messenger")
Designing an Action
Through these physical stages, you can check someone if she/he is having a Stroke.
Campaign Design
We defined and designed a whole 360 degree campaign, planning for various medias, messaging and target groups.
Content Strategy
Through strategizing different content creation approaches, we helped our client to expand and sustain the campaign through mid-term and long-term periods,
Project Components
Satisfied Client :)